About Us

Clinch & Grip Fastener Sdn. Bhd.


Clinch & Grip Fastener Sdn Bhd is a company that supplies a wide range of finest quality fastener. It was set up at 1999, and is situated in Simpang Ampat (Juru), Penang, Malaysia. We are primarily supplying self clinching fastener and brass threaded insert, which is comparable to worldwide well know leading brand like PEM, PSM, CAPTIVE, SOUTHCO, DODGE, SEL & etc. Our products serves to the major OEM’ sub-contractors such as sheet metal fabricator, metal stamping and plastic injection moulding industry.

We are also a sole distributor for well-known international brand ‘Asmith’ industrial Hardware products in Malaysia. You are welcome to visit https://www.asmith.com.tw/en/downloads to download Asmith’s e-catalog 2D (rar file), PDF, CAD & 3D spec.

Over the years, besides fastener for sheet metal and plastic injection mould, we have further developed and extended our fastener product range, in catering to the more demanding industry such as automation, telecommunication, medical, aerospace, marine & many more industry. Our present fastener product consist of below major ranges.

Clinch & Grip Fastener Sdn. Bhd. has been granted ISO 9001:2015 certification. This means that the company has implemented a quality management system in which all process and procedures have been carefully designed and quality-tested according to international standards.

Sheet Metal Fastener

-Clinching Fasteners (Clinching Nuts, Stud, Standoff, Panel Fastener, Pin & Etc) Genuine PEM, Equivalent (EQ) / Comparable to PEM, Captive & Southco.
-Nut Insert/ Rivet Nut/ Pop Nut / (Round, Hexagon, Closed End, with/without Knurling Type) Comparable to AVK, Pop, Avdel, Rivnut, Atlas, Bolloff & Masterfix.
-Rivet (All Kind of Blind Rivet, Semitube, Solid Type) Comparable to Pop, Advel.
-Welding Stud (Male and Female CD stud, 3 Points and Arc Stud) Comparable to JDI
-Spring Steel Fastener (Cage Nut, Clip Nut, Retainer Nut/ Pal Nuts)

Thread Insert for Plastic and Mould

-Threaded Insert comparable with PSM, Dodge (Brass Insert & Stainless Steel Insert)
-Self-tapping Screw Insert / Ensat
-Key Lock Insert/ Keensert

Enclosure Accessories / Industrial Hardware

-Asmith Industrial Hardware - Various hinges, door latches / locks systems, latches, leveling feet, handles, stays, casters / castors & Digital Torque Wrench
-Comparable with Southco, Takigen, Dirak, Emka, Misumi

Fasteners' tools for fastening application

-Digital Torque Wrench
-Clinching machine / Pneumatic Press Machine
-Heavy duty Nut Insert tools / Rivet nut gun / Air pull-setter comparable to Gesipa, Advel
-Blind rivet tools
-CD welding machine & gun

Automation and Industrial Fasteners

-Profile Accessories
-Standard bolts & nut
-Customized turn parts

New developed or special made/ customized product


At C&G, we do more than distribution of proprietary and speciality fasteners & products, we provide solutions, we build trust, we build for the future....

Company Statement


Clinch & Grip Fastener Sdn. Bhd. strives to be the leading supplier of fasteners & industrial hardware in Malaysia by assuring superior product quality, on-time delivery and outstanding customer service.


The continued reputation of Clinch & Grip Fastener Sdn. Bhd. as a full line distributor of fasteners and industrial hardware supplies leader combined with our focus on continuous improvement has put us on the path to becoming the best-in-class fastener and industrial hardware provider in the industrial markets. Our depth and breadth of product line will continue to expand in response to market needs and to new growth markets we identify.

Quality Policy

We, the management and employees at Clinch & Grip Fastener Sdn. Bhd., has a proud reputation for our personal commitment to understand, meet and, where possible, exceed our Customer’s Requirement and Statutory and Regulatory Requirements through the continual improvement and risk-management of our processes. We are dedicated to delivering defect-free product on-time through adoption of risk-based management approach and taking active measures to address challenges internally and externally where it relates to our Quality Management Systems (QMS). We will continue to improve our QMS. Kindly to contact our Quality Management should there be any customer comments to help us to improve our QMS. Thank You.